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I had "never" had a facial until my first experience with Raven. She was just so intuitive and gentle. She just seemed to know I was a bit anxious and treated me like a "queen". I just never knew getting a "facial" could possibly be so nurturing! I gone to Raven for months now and my complexion is getting so much better and she has helped me with excellent products that simply "work"?? WOW Raven is just the best in town.

I have been seeing Richard for massages for over a year that have been wonderful! I was talking to him about my poor diet and chronic inflammation resulting from diet. He referred me to Renee Girard, an Integrative nutrition specialist. Renee has helped me change my diet , one facet at a time so it was not overwhelming. I had tried many diets and consultants which has never stuck due to as soon as I lost weight I would revert back to my old ways. By seeing Renee over a 6 month period, whenever I find myself wandering back to process foods and feeding my sugar dragon, it is time for a check in with Renee. She has been helpful with food recommendations and strategies to maintain healthy eating habits. Down 10 lbs and still going, better yet. Triglycerides down to 122 and fasting blood sugar normal after 5 years of bad labs. Thanks Renee

I met Richard over a year ago at the Prescott Farmer's Market. Basically my left leg hurt and I had a bad knee. My golf game was compromised. Golf is one of my passions! Richard helped me get back on the course. Bill joined The Natural Healing Garden late last fall. He specializes in stretching. (Active Isolated Stretching) Richard referred me to see Bill, who has helped me so much to regain my strength and has saved my golfing career. As a driven and focused health nut, I am grateful to The Natural Healing Garden. I am grateful to feel so amazing. I recommend The Natural Healing Garden to many of my golfing partners. "The Quintessence of a great massage is- The ability to have complete and relaxing thoughts."

This has been my experience at The Natural Healing Garden. Thank you to the entire staff.

What a WONDERFUL treat it was to visit your shop for a second time! Your staff is fantastic and it was fun running into friends who were not a part of our group. Just go to show that your is THE PLACE TO BE!

Richard did a great job. Very intuitive with client response to pressures.

I recieved my first visit as a gift certificate. The message was so helpful that I've decided to continue with your spa under the 12 month commitment.

Absolutely BEST massage I've ever had...just wished I lived in Prescott to take advantage of it!!

Excellent massage. Felt better than I had in months. Thank you!

It was a lovely way to start the day. Jennifer found "trouble spots" easily without being directed and resolved them with gentle pressure and skill. There are places on my back that always hurt and I assumed that I'd just have to live with that. It's well into the evening and I am still pain free. Thanks, Jen!

Richard is a fantastic therapist. He is professional, with the highest level of skill at his practice. I always feel better when I leave his office! The environment is well polished and comfortable, and Pam, his office manager, is also friendly and professional. And the online scheduler really streamlines the process, allowing the user to match her own calendar openings against any of the therapists in the practice. All around top notch, you won't find better in any city! Thanks, Richard and Pam!!

Richard gave a very thorough specialty massage. He seems to know when he is working on an area that is painful & backs-off the amount of pressure he's applying. I do appreciate this! I do realize these particular areas do need special attention, so I don't want him to not work them well. I'm in a quandary as to when to verbalize pain. In the past, receiving a Deep Tissue Massage, the therapist's amount of pressure caused bruising. The temperature in the room was perfect & the music very soothing.

I LOVE being able to make an appointment online at any time! Richard is the best...you feel like you are under the care of a doctor when he is treating you. 🙂

Thank you all (Richard, Pam and Deb) for your very friendly and happy environment. 🙂

I get a lot of massages to keep my tired abused body still working. The massage I received from Tierney is one of the best I've ever had!!!! I waited a day to reply to see how the massage held since I had some specific problems with inflamed tendons in my left elbow as well as my left hand. Her treatments held and today I feel far better than I have in quite a while. I wish I was staying up here a few more days to be able to get another massage. I found Tierney to be a remarkable gal whom I have a lot of respect for. I will definitely be back for more of her massages when I get back in town. You have a beautiful, restful facility and I look forward to seeing you again as well as getting my wife scheduled as well. She is recovering from shoulder surgery and it's been a long hard road for her. I look forward to seeing you all again. Please thank Tierney once more for a remarkable massage.