The Natural Healing Garden

At the Natural Healing Garden, we do not believe in a cookie cutter massage style.  Each therapy is offered by one of our experienced therapists and will incorporate a variety of basic and advanced massage techniques designed to help you achieve your desired results.  Each therapist has their individual strengths and advanced techniques.  Whether you are looking for that talented therapist to help you on your path, or want to try them all, we are here for you.

  • Terri Perino, LMT

    Recently returned to Arizona after many years in Colorado and elsewhere, I am happy to have joined The Natural Healing Garden to continue pursuing my passion for massage therapy. A 2002 graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, Colorado, I have had many wonderful years providing nurturance and therapeutic transformation for my dear Colorado clients, and I look foward to doing the same in beautiful Prescott!

    I combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point and Sports Massage techniques with just the right pressure, suited to your needs, along with Moist Heat, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, and Stretching.

    Sports injuries, household accidents, repetitive actions on the job and at home, and tension from everyday stresses can all take up permanent residence in our bodies. Massage is one of the best known and proven antidotes to stress, and can help you to regain balance, movement, energy, vitality, mental clarity, and to become more in tune with your body’s needs.

    I pride myself on my “whatever it takes” approach to massage, creating a customized treatment plan appropriate to your needs and preferences. I look forward to the privilege of working with you in your quest for wellness and self-care.

  • Jamie Gerhard, LMT
    Jamie comes all the way from Louisville Kentucky where she had her training and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008 and a Registered Yoga Instructor since 2014. The past 12 years of her life has been spent traveling and educating herself on different modalities, from Thailand to Sedona Arizona. She loves to help educate her clients on body awareness and provide them with the best care by customizing each session for the individuals needs in their current time and space, using intuition and energy work to guide the session.  With also creating a safe, supported, and loving environment the session can include a mix of Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Stretching, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Thai Bodywork on the Table, Thai Foot Reflexology, and Lymph Drainage Therapy.  She’s also Pregnancy Massage and Hotstone Certified.
    She has worked and volunteered with athletes of all ages and sports for over 12 years, including Crossfit Athletes, Weightlifters, Triathletes, Cyclists, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and many other Endurance and Strength Sports.
    Jamie is happy to share her passion in helping individuals live a better and healthier lifestyle, by helping with pain management, restoring movement, cultivating a better balance in body and mind, offering the body space to restore, recover, and feel renewed so that they can go back out in the world feeling better and spreading their love and support back out in the community and in their lives.
  • Zachary Mendenhall, LMT

    Zachary has been practicing massage professionally since 2012. With a wide array of training experience, Zachary loves to integrate and tailor each session to match his clients desires and his intuition. His work focuses on treating chronic stress and pain with modalities such as Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Thai, Reflexology,  Bio-dynamic Craniosacral, Lymphatic and Sports massage. Zachary has had a lot of  experience working with many types of clients and is passionate about listening to your personal needs. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Holistic Health and Psychology at Prescott College.

  • Alexander Schults, LMT

    I am a recent graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies and am glad to be able to explore and develop my practice with the Natural Healing Garden. I follow a practice that is rooted in the interdependence of anatomical/physiological knowledge, observation, and intuition.

    I am invested in developing on-going collaborative relationships with clients in order to identify dysfunction in the body, facilitate healing, and maintain wellbeing. I encourage communication throughout the massage process, and adapt therapeutic techniques/choices based on verbal and non-verbal feedback. The client and their body guide the process.

    As both a massage therapist and a professional in mental/behavioral health, I have an understanding of how adverse emotional/psychological experiences can manifest as dysfunction in the body, and hold space for this in my approach to massage. I am drawn to processes that have the capacity to heal on both a physical and emotional level, and strive to incorporate this into my work.

  • Ruth Stevens, LMT

    Ruth Stevens has been a massage therapist since 1980. She is very

    passionate about helping clients with her broad range of skills and

    techniques. Her latest skill is Cupping Therapy and its myriad of

    applications, from facials and cellulite smoothing to frozen

    shoulders and tight backs.

  • Richard Maranville, LMT

    Richard’s first passion was cooking, but because of four auto accidents by the time he was 22, and due to the resulting long months of lost work, lost wages and hard rehab work combined with massage and the wellness field can provide, he changed careers and became a massage therapist.

    Richard understands that life often brings challenges and hurdles and he is committed to supporting his clients as they overcome each challenge and clear each hurdle. He obtains great satisfaction when helping his clients go from limited range of motion from an injured joint to full range motion while teaching them life patterns to avoid re-injury. Richard uses his extensive experience to better prevent his clients from living a life limited by injuries.

  • Leandra Hussey, LMT, Esthetician
  • Debbie Maranville

    Debbie Maranville joined The Natural Healing Garden when Richard, her husband, launched the business in Prescott. Debbie has been in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality environment for almost 40 years. Debbie launched “Goods From the Garden” Health Centered Foods & Events” in October of 2015. She brings a passion for Organic, local and healthy foods as well as attention to detail and overall Guest Satisfaction. She loves educating folks on healthy eating.

    Debbie is enrolled in Herbal Wisdom Institute’s Herbalist Program and will receive her certification as an Herbalist. She is also certified in Reflexology.

    Debbie loves to witness all the amazing healing that takes place in the Garden. She has a passion for “community and her family!” She loves, loves, loves her Grandson Ty! Being a “grammie” is her most favorite job!

  • Cheryl Van Demark

    Cheryl Van Demark, PT, C-IAYT is a physical therapist, yoga therapist and yoga teacher with a Master’s degree in physical education and exercise science. She has enjoyed over 30 years of helping individuals optimize body alignment, restore movement, build strength and cultivate a balance in body, mind and spirit to pursue joyful living. Cheryl is deeply inspired to integrate the wisdom of Yoga into the future of health care.
    Cheryl received her undergraduate and graduate education through Northern Arizona University. “C-IAYT” designates her certification with the International Yoga Therapy Association’s as a yoga therapist. Cheryl is also a faculty member with the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy within the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health Yoga Therapy Training Program.She is a member of the Yoga Alliance, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, The American Physical Therapy Association and the International Association for the Study of Pain.